Department Of Human Resource Development Planning (Demand)

The Human Recourse Development Council was established to advice government on all policy matters of the human resource development. In order to achieve this objective HRDC has adopted sectoral planning approach in which the employers will be defining skills needed in the labour market.

This approach will address the issue of mismatch of supply of graduates and demand from the labour market. However, the long term goal of human resource development is to produce a globally competitive human resource.

HRDC has established 12 sector committees and are at different stages of development of their Sector Human Resource Development Plans. Development of skills across the sectors will contribute significantly to economic growth and diversification.

The 12 Sector HRD Committees are:

  1. Mining. Minerals, Energy and Water Resources;
  2. Tourism
  3. Creative Industries
  4. Agriculture
  5. Health
  6. Information Communication and Technology
  7. Finance and Business Service Sector
  8. Education and Training
  9. Public Sector
  10. Transport and Logistics
  11. Manufacturing
  12. Research, Innovation, Science and Technology