Department Of Human Resource Development Planning (SUPPLY)

The Department of Human Resource Development Planning (Supply) supports the Council’s mandate of providing policy advice on all matters of Human Resource Development through three (3) facets:

Institutional Planning

Institutional Planning (IP) is a strategy that is employed to ensure that Tertiary Education sub-sector is systematically positioned to respond to the Human Resource Development needs of Botswana’s economy. As such, IP ensures that the output of the Tertiary Education institutions matches the priorities of the economy needs, not just learner’s preferences.

Workplace Planning and Learning

With specific reference to: (i) Apprenticeship; Internships and (ii) Work-place learning. Work places need sensitisation on the benefits of training their employees on the job and of imparting them with professional skills to make them more effective. HRDC assist employers to develop appropriate training plans, guidelines on priority skills and the methods for developing them at the work place.

Student Planning, Welfare and Academic Service

This Unit distinctively creates strategic direction and guidelines (Norms and Standards) that promote student retention and success in tertiary education institutions. The focus is primarily on: support services including, Internationalisation, admissions, student enrollment management, financial Support/ aid, orientation and First Year experience, alumni and advancement/development. Mainly focusing on academic advising, academic success skills/tutoring, assessment and research in student services, Tertiary Education Opportunity Programmes (Holiday Bridge), career development/career services. health and wellness which addresses issues of counseling, health education for prevention, basic treatment services, rehabilitation and referral services.