Department of Information Communication and Technology

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is responsible for directing the information and data integrity of the organisation and its departments including all Information Technology functions of HRDC. These includes all information centres, technical service centres, help desks, communication networks (voice and data), computer program development, and computer systems operations.

The department is also responsible for reviewing all computerised and manual systems; information processing equipment and software for acquisition, storage and retrieval; and definition of the strategic direction of all information processing and communication systems and operations. Furthermore, the department provides overall management and definition of all computer and communication activities within HRDC.

The department is also responsible for providing leadership role in the day-to-day operations of the Information Technology functions as well as giving strategic direction as the organisation grows through internal growth and external acquisition. Finally, the department analyses HRDC’s current technology infrastructure and align it with the business’ strategic plans, ensures the security of the business’ IT assets and leads, coordinates and direct the development and implementation of the HRDC IT Strategy and its associated operational plans and budgets.

The department has the following units

  • Corporate IT
  • Business Information Systems
  • Information Technology Helpdesk