Department of Statistics, Research Development & Innovation

This Department of Statistics, Research Development & Innovation is responsible for leading, managing, directing, coordinating and supervision of the Research & Innovation mandate of HRDC, leading the promotion of research capacity as well as promotion of graduate studies and industry-university research activities. Additionally, this department is responsible for building Tertiary Education Institutions (TEI’s) research capacity both in terms of graduate studies and links with industry and planning, managing and coordinating the provision of support, advice and assistance to institutions for capacity building in research and innovation to ensure that TEI’s are knowledge producers in addition to training for skills. It is a central point for the production of tertiary education and training as well as labour market statistics. The department also has the Information Resource Centre which is a multi-media library that is responsible for information repository from all sectors.

Research Development & Innovation Division

The Research Development & Innovation Division exists to enhance the research activities of the HRDC and its key stakeholders, in particular to provide support for interdisciplinary research that complements the needs of a knowledge-based economy. Essentially, the Division facilitate research and research collaborations; disseminate research results through conferences, meetings, and other activities; support and strengthen graduate education by providing students with training opportunities and access to facilities and also promote industry-linked research. Furthermore, the Division coordinates the HRDC Research and Innovation Grant Project, this grant serves to increase the tertiary education sector’s capacity and capability to undertake world-class innovative research to mobilize Botswana’s research talent in tertiary education institutions to apply research to the task of developing the economy and improving the quality of life of Batswana. The Division aspires to enhance its capacity in commercialisation of research outputs, innovation and technology transfer, research management through research networks.

Statistics Division

The statistics division is responsible for all data management issues within the HRDC and is responsible to collect, analyse, forecast and project education and training sector data for the requirements of Human Resource planning (demand side) and institutional planning (supply side). The division conducts annual tertiary institutional census to monitor performance of the sector as well as to provide indicators for the monitoring of the NHRDS.

Observatory Division

This Division coordinates and manages labour market statistics through the Labour Market Information System (LMIS) and the Labour Market Observatory (LMO) Website. The Labour Market Observatory (LMO) is a structure that monitors and understands labour market patterns and trends that is ever changing in terms of demographics, occupation skills required, technological advances and future training demands. This structure has four distinct features: 1) LMO Website (; 2) LMO Committee; 3) LMO Secretariat and 4) Labour Market Information System (LMIS).

The Division, therefore, aims to provide relevant, quality and timely labour market information for users to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the labour market situation in Botswana


The purpose of the Resource Centre is to support the Council’s objectives by serving as the primary centre for the collection of bibliographic and other resources on national human resource development undertaken in a manner that is in consonance with the Council’s values.

Under the Department of Statistics, Research Development and Innovation, there are currently 13 Staff members namely;