Dr. Fernando Siamisang

Director, Human Resource Development Planning (Demand)

Dr. Fernando Siamisang is the Director of Human Resource Development Planning (Demand) of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).  He holds a Doctorate Degree in Research and Evaluation, Master’s Degree in Research and Evaluation, Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics. He has presented research papers in local and international conferences and published a book with Amazon Publishers.

Dr. Siamisang has attended short term exchange programmes in educational planning, policy development and analysis, research, monitoring and evaluation in Japan (Hiroshima University), Indonesia and South Africa (Wits University).

Prior to Joining HRDC, Dr. Siamisang started as a Mathematics and Science Teacher and rose through the ranks of Secondary School hierarchy to become the School Head. He was then transferred to the Ministry of Human Resource Development Education and Skills Development (MoESD) – Headquarters to work in the department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation and later promoted to Head Research and Evaluation before being appointed Deputy Director for Department of Education Planning and Research Services. Most of his career was spent in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) where he worked for 24 years. He then joined ABM University College where he established and managed the Institutions Research Department.

His role in the HRDC as the Director of HRDP (Demand) among many others, is to coordinate and manage the formulation and review of National and Sectoral Human Resource Development Plans (demand side) and ensure proper monitoring and evaluation of the National Human Resource Development Plans.