As usual December for HRDC employees is indeed that time of year again, to show love through exchange of gifts. December comes and with its all the joys of Christmas and most of the joys for HRDC is the Secret Pal Session.

The real meaning of Christmas, is the gifts under the well-dressed themed Christmas tree with the lights, laughter and joy for staff members. Dr Raphael Dingalo, CEO of HRDC when welcoming staff to the session said, “Christmas is a time of the year where we showcase love, we get to spend time with our loved ones and share joy of Family. We spend more time at our Workplaces than at home during the week throughout the whole year. It is no surprise that we form bonds with our Colleagues and they are like family to many of us, so I encourage you to carry out exuberance and love showcased by all today”.

The Secret Pal event organised by the Wellness Committee of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has been held for the past six years just before the Christmas party in preparation for festive break. Staff members register their names and they pick their names in form of a draw. Each staff member keeps her or his selected name private hence it is called ‘Secret Pal’. A budget is set at an agreed minimum amount that can be spent on gifts suitable for the secret pal. The gifts are then wrapped and presented to the organiser for registration and kept under the Christmas tree.

On the day of exchange of gifts, staff members then hand over gifts to their secret pals.   The event fosters good relations between staff and the event also encourages team spirit. Staff members use this opportunity to improve staff relations as they get to know their ‘Secret Pal’ more and understand them better then ultimately they buy them a gift that suits their personality.


News Date: 
Friday, December 15, 2017