On the 26th July, 2022 the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) launched its Ethics Hotline under the theme, ‘Corrupt Free Society’. The main objective of this Ethics Hotline is to provide a platform for both the internal and external stakeholders to report incidences of suspected fraudulent and corrupt activities affecting the Council.

Giving the welcome remarks, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of HRDC Mr. Meshack Tafa, indicated that the Council is alive to the highest standards of service delivery and integrity in all its activities undertakings. As such, adhering to sound principles of corporate governance is critical to earning and maintaining the trust from key stakeholders and meeting service delivery standards. “In our bid to uphold the standards alluded to above, HRDC has found it befitting to introduce the Ethics Hotline, where stakeholders can freely report unlawful, unethical and unsafe behaviors” said Mr. Tafa. He concluded by stating that this Ethics Hotline is an enabler for upholding some of the HRDC’s Core Values, which are Accountability and Integrity.  

Officially launching the HRDC Ethics Hotline the HRDC Board Chairperson, Ms Choice Pitso indicated that this is one iconic event that proves that HRDC has risen to the occasion of zero tolerance for corruption. The Board Chairperson noted that HRDC has put in place instruments whose goal is to help the Organisation to detect and deter fraud and unethical work behavior, thereby enabling management of fraud. “I can confirm to you that these efforts are commensurate with those of the Country and our parent Ministry which has set the tone by putting in place the necessary measures for corruption prevention through instituting of a Corruption Prevention Committee” said Ms Pitso.

The HRDC Finance and Audit Committee Chairperson, Mr. Otlaabotsa Tsie assured stakeholders of HRDC’s commitment to good corporate governance practices and non-tolerance for unethical practices. The existence of the Fraud and Whistle Blowing Policies which are aligned to best practice and the Anti - Corruption statutes of our Country, are testament to this.

Delivering her speech, the Deputy Director General - Policy, Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), Ms Erica T. Ndlovu posited that “Corruption affects all countries regardless of their level of economic or social development. It undermines human development and severely impacts and derails progress by diverting public resources to private interests, corruption counters basic interests and needs of soliciting. It negates natural efforts to eradication of poverty, human development and reduces access to services and diverts resources from investment in infrastructure, institutions, education, social services, trade and investment”. In concluding her speech, Ms Ndlovu congratulated HRDC for taking a bold step in the right directionby launching the Ethics Hotline, which will enhance detection and deterrence of unethical conduct within the Council and the sector at large.

Giving a presentation on how the line works, Senior Manager, Deloitte, Mr. Brian Watts explained that the Ethics Hot line allows stakeholders who are aware of fraud or corruption to report it safely and confidentially. (state the process here) remember we had to cut so this fits in the newspaper editorial.

Giving the closing remarks, the Deputy Manager, Projects, Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD), Mr. Kesiametswe Moleofhi expressed gratitude towards HRDC and its strategic partners for their commitment and efforts towards fighting corruption in Botswana, through the introduction of the Ethics Hotline. “This is the opportune time for strengthening our efforts towards fighting white collar crime.  Research has shown that at a time of crisis, fraud is at its peak” Mr. Moleofhi concluded. State what he said in verbatim, …If you see corruption and do not report corruption, you are corrupt.

The contact details for the Ethics Hotline are as follows:

Landline / Cellphone: 16136


Freepost: P. O. Box 448, Gaborone, Botswana

News Date: 
Tuesday, July 26, 2022