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Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) is a training fund that has been established for skills development in the country. It is operated through a levy grant system where companies pay a levy into the Fund and are reimbursed costs that they incurred for training their employees.

To complete a Reimbursement Claim from the Human Resource Development (HRD) Fund, kindly download the form below;


Non-Credit Bearing Short Courses (NCBSC’s)

HRDC is mandated to promote skills training and development in workplaces. Numerous analytical reports and policy documents have identified the shortage of relevant skills as a major impediment to economic growth and competitiveness. The Non-credit bearing short courses are deemed necessary due to labour market dynamics and technological changes. They are important in that they contribute to lifelong learning.

To read more on the Guidelines for Processing of Non-credit Bearing Short Courses (NCBSCs), to complete an Application Form, find out about the Schedule of Fees and Permission to use the HRDC logo kindly click on the documents below;


Workplace Learning

Workplace learning means structured skills training and development strategies that are provided at the workplace. These may include but not limited to; apprenticeship, learnership, traineeship and internship.

To read more on the Pre-Approval Training Requirements, to apply for Pre-Approval for Training, to complete the Work Skills Training Plan and Compliance form kindly click on the below documents;