The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Peo Yarona (Pty) LTD an Information Communications and Technology (ICT) solutions company on the 17th August 2022. The MoU signing demonstrates collective efforts by Peo Yarona and HRDC geared towards transforming and positioning Botswana as a regional and international front runner on issues of National Human Resources including upskilling and retooling of ICT unemployed graduates.

Giving the welcome remarks, the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Meshack Tafa remarked, ‘‘The project is envisaged to equip Graduates with the required experience and as such, improve their chances of employment”. He further stated that it is a milestone in the implementation of the National Human Resource Development Strategy and Human Resource Development Plans. Implementation of these plans contribute to the main enablers for a country, to produce skilled workforce that will drive the transition towards a knowledge society and knowledge economy.”  The Acting Chief Executive Officer further indicated that the initiative resonates well with Vision 2036, National Development Plan 11 as well as Digitalisation Priority in the RESET Agenda.

The CEO of Peo Yarona (PTY) Ltd Ms Wapa Ellery Chilume opined, ‘‘The Global Community speaks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR) which emphasises on the use of technology as the catalyst for efficiency and economic growth, necessitating the need for acquisition of relevant ICT skills”. She indicated that growing unemployment rates are a concern in our country.

Ms Chilume indicated that, Peo Yarona (Pty) LTD will provide training on IDCA International Data Centre Authority (IDCA) Accreditation for the first 100 unemployed ICT and Electrical Engineering Graduates with relevant Bachelor’s Degree qualification in Computer Engineering or Electrical & Electronics Engineering placed in the IDCA Programme. The Company will further endeavour to place all the IDCA trained unemployed graduates under Peo Yarona/ IDCA partnership project in various data centres locally, regionally and around the world.

The Director of Human Resource Development Planning (HRDP)-Demand Dr Fernando Siamisang concluded, ‘‘This partnership is not just a signing event but an effort by HRDC and Peo Yarona (Pty) LTD to make an impact in developing the ICT as well as addressing some of the challenges experienced by the youth in the country.’’


News Date: 
Wednesday, August 17, 2022