Institutional Planning conducts Workshops in Maun

In an effort to engage Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) on Institutional Planning, the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) through the Department of Human Resource Development Planning (HRDP) - Supply hosted a two day Institutional Planning Capacity building workshop in Maun. The workshop was held from the 14th- 15th June 2017, under the theme ‘Institutional Planning: The Gate Way to Producing Quality and Employable Graduates ’. The participants for the workshop were from North West, Chobe, Ghanzi and Boteti Sub-Region of the Central Region in Maun.

The objectives of this workshop among others was to discuss the rationale for Institutional Planning as premised on the current scenario of the existence of a mismatch/skills gap on the products of the Tertiary Education System. The workshop was also aimed at explaining the roles, responsibilities and expectations of HRDC through the Human Resource Development Planning (Supply), Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and Tertiary Educations Institutions (TEIs) in addressing the skills needs of the labour market.

In his welcome remarks the Director of Education; Regional Operations for North West Region, Mr. Galesengwe Mohube implored participants to take institutional planning seriously since it is a central aspect in Education at any level of the sector. Mr. Mohube applauded HRDC for the guidance and support that they give to the TEIs around the country, noting that such workshops provides a platform for training TEIs on IP to ensure that their products are relevant to the industry specific skills need.

Mr. Ralecha Mmatli, Manager Institutional Planning, gave a keynote address where he emphasised on the importance of planning. Mr. Mmatli noted that planning is the logical step to take in addressing the national outcry of skills mismatch. He assured participants that the Annual Performance Plans for the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology as well as for the Ministry of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development, speak of provision of quality and relevant education and training as well as enhancement of the provision of industry relevant skills respectively. In closing, Mr. Mmatli challenged all participants and their Institutions to embrace institutional planning so that they can address the misalignment concern, which resonates well with the theme of the workshop which read, Institutional Planning: The gate way to producing quality and employable graduates.” 

Giving an overview of Institutional Planning and governance planning, Mr. Bautule Diboko, TEI Institutional Planner, highlighted that Governance planning is supposed to provide strategic leadership for the realisation of the institutional plan. He also explained the essential pre-requisite towards sustainable funding of the tertiary education sector, as it provided a logical and systematic approach to policy implementation. Mr. Diboko informed the participants that HRDC will provide a framework and guidance as to how institutions can contribute to the realisation of the strategy.

Mr. Onkabetse Mmereki, TEI Institutional Planner, explained to the participants, the components of the institutional plan and systematically crystalising each one of them and explained the relationships among the components. He also explained the various institutional planning templates, tools and write up guidelines. Having gathered all the information provided by the HRDC, the participants would be able to draft skeletal draft plans which they will augment when they get back to institutions with more accurate information and then submit as per the deadlines set by the IP team. On the second day, institutions made presentations which were critiqued by the whole workshop and this highlighted areas of improvement and better direction for all institutions.
News Date: 
Wednesday, June 14, 2017