Public Sector

Public Sector is an architect of an enabling environment for national development. It is therefore, part of the economy concerned with providing various government services.  (NDP 9). As an architect of an enabling environment for national development, the Public Sector provides the institutional political and social conditions for sustainable development to take place. The Botswana Public Sector comprises the Local Authorities, Parastatal Organizations and the Public Service. Public Service constitutes of all ministries and independent departments in Central Government.

The sector can be segmented into three sub sectors which include the following:

·Public Service sub-sector consists of all Ministries and Independent Departments. The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) has the statutory responsibility for administering the public service in terms of the Public Service Act.

·Local Authorities: Local Government Service is catered for by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

·Parastatal sub-sector is part of the broader Public Sector and consists of quasi-governmental organizations and government agencies, many of which are created or established through Acts of Parliament. Parastatals exist to provide goods and services; which central government is not well placed to provide. Government holds equity in most parastatal organizations and is represented in the Boards that run them.

According to the 2011 Labour Statistics Report (Statistics Botswana, 2015), the population employed in all the sectors in the economy stood at 640 567. Of this total, Local Government constituted 20.8% of the total employed, Central Government 26.3%, Parastatal 4.4%, while Private Sector constituted 48.5%. The Public Sector therefore, had a larger population of 51.5% population of the employed within the economy. The public sector continues to experience declining employment growth rates. This is attributable to Government’s position of right sizing strategies of the public service.

The following are the names of the Committee members; 

Mr Bajaki Chika – Chairperson

Ms Medy N. Moatshe – Deputy Chairperson

Ms Pauline Jonas

Ms Goitsemang Tidimane

Mr Bome Matshaba

Mr Marutsaneng Duiker

Ms Atlarelang Solomon

Mr Aubrey Chewe

Ms Seadimo Oefile

Mr Kethapeng Karabo

Ms Maele L Keaikitse

Mr Godfrey Mwewa