Strategic Foundations

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) Board, Management and staff established a shared understanding of the Vision, Mission and Values as strategic foundations that give and define the business of the Council.


To drive the development of Botswana’s Human Resource to achieve a Knowledge Based Economy through the provision of Policy Advise, Planning, Funding and Coordination and Effective Collaboration.


To transform Botswana into a Globally Competitive Human Resource Hub by 2036.


We will in all our dealings with stakeholders uphold the following values:

Excellence- Quality service and commitment to outstanding performance.

Effective Communication- Effective and continuous engagement of both internal and external stakeholders. 

Teamwork- Collectively working towards common goals.

Innovation- Continously seeking solutions and improvements.

Integrity- Ethical, respectful, honest and Botho when dealing with customers and stakeholders

Accountability- We act responsibly and commit to being answerable for our decisions and actions.