The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) held a workshop on the 30th May 2023 for the Student Affairs Services (SAS) Practitioners from local Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs). The objective of this workshop was to discuss matters regarding Student Welfare as well as the nomination of the SAS National Committee.

Launched in 2017, the SAS Norms and Standards framework is widely regarded as a 21st Century phenomenon that any TEIs) is expected to embrace and inculcate in its training programmes in order to produce well rounded graduates with regards to academic, social and professional acumen.

Participants discussed the need to assist students within the learning environment by ensuring they have the necessary support to complete their studies. Some of the functional areas identified within the SAS include; residence life, sports and recreation, career services, HIV and AIDS services, welcoming and orientation.

For many Learners, entering into a higher institution of learning presents new opportunities that could assist them in their progression of hinder it. It is therefore important that students are provided with adequate support through this transition period. For many of them, it is the first time they are away from home and have to make independent decisions regarding their lives. And therefore, part of our advisory role at HRDC includes advocating for the welfare of students to ensure they have the right support to become well rounded graduates who are able to contribute positively to society and to the development of our country.

News Date: 
Tuesday, May 30, 2023