The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) recognises the crucial role Teachers have played in advancing the human capital development agenda of Botswana.  Their contribution to the education and training ecosystem has been lauded by all and helped place Botswana into positive rankings at regional and global competitiveness rankings. Teachers play a critical role in educating the nation. They ensured skills development across all sectors of the economy even during the most difficult times as we learnt during the darkest moments of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teachers were the anchors of Vision 2016 and are the torch bearers of Vision 2036. Teachers are key to our aspirations to create a knowledge-based society, a knowledge driven economy and a Botswana that takes pride in its heritage and resources.

At HRDC we recognise that we are where we are because of the Teachers who nurtured us and teachers who continue to selflessly advance the human resource development agenda of Botswana. We recognise that teachers at all levels from early childhood through to higher education are core to closing the skills gap which limit the potential of our people. They enhance the employability of our human resources and add value to our personal development at all levels. Teachers gave us wings and made us believe that we can soar like eagles.

We honour Teachers for their continued dedication to educating Batswana and for their perseverance through insurmountable challenges. Their commitment has inspired us all. We salute them and we join the nation in celebrating this special day dedicated to them. May you continue to rise and shine as you light one light bulb after another and produce diamonds who will ascend to greatness in leading the nation and the world.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

News Date: 
Friday, June 2, 2023