Transport & Logistics Sector

Transport is a public good and its main function is conveying people or goods from place to place. It is one of the key enabling sectors of the economy and has a large impact on economic growth and employment. Whereas Logistics involves efforts to get products to places of production and consumption in a cost effective manner. Logistical activities include warehousing, material handling, packaging, inventory management and order processes, all of which are lubricated by transportation.

The Transport and Logistics sector is comprised of the different sub-sectors named in respect of modes of transport namely road, rail, air, water and road transport. Road transport is most commonly used mode in Botswana. There has been an increase in the demand for road freight transport thereby opening up for opportunities of establishing companies that could profit well and create employment.

The following are the names of the Committee members; 

Ms Lesedi Moakofhi – Chairperson

Mr Claude Kamangirira – Deputy Chairperson

Mr Stephen Makuke

Ms Kaone Kgorotlhe

Mr Onkarabile Khibanyane 

Mr Absolom Mukonyo

Ms Nsiyiwa Pelaelo

Mr Capital Darryl Ellitson

Ms Godiraone Ivy Saudu

Mr Thomoitsile Moichubedi