Visit to Poetavango Arts Organisation and Kuru Art Project

In an effort to broaden the understanding as well as to identify the skills availability of the Creative Industries sector, HRDC recently visited Kuru Arts Project in D’Kar and Poetavango in Maun on the 5th and 6th December 2023.

The Kuru Art Project, situated in D’Kar village, Ghanzi Region encourages and assists their artists by exposing them to contemporary art materials and techniques, as well as the administration and marketing of their art, which has become a much-needed economic resource for this group of artists and their community.

Poetavango is an arts organisation based in Maun, mandated to develop, promote, and enhancement of the arts performance, literary and visual. As a community-based organisation, Poetavango supports the Maun community in various areas through a number of projects geared toward youth and artistic development.

We remain committed to working closely with the industry to ensure we support their efforts in the area of skills development.



News Date: 
Monday, December 11, 2023