What are the functions Academic Support Services?

Student Support services (SSS) facilitates and enable transition from one educational level to another.  Such services include; psychological support, Living and Learning Communities (LCC), disability support, diversity, specialised learning support, financial support, admissions, cultural activities, student leadership and organisation as well as parent education. Its functions include to:

  • Promote an enabling learning environment.
  • Promote services that enables students ‘well-being.
  • Promote Financial education
  • Promote equitable and non-sexist/ racial learning and living environment.
  • Provides career guidance and counselling
  • Assist students during admission and advices on courses, elective and optional selections
  • Lead in internationalisation and student exchange programmes
  • Promote Culture and language transfer through various events and individual and group interactions
  • Enhance student leadership, advisory and supporting student led organisations.
  • Promotes and assist in job placements within campus and identify opportunities for employment.