What are the functions of the Sector HRD committees?

  • Oversee the production and periodic review of sector specific HRD plans that will ensure a direct linkage between the education and skills that are being developed and the needs of the economy;
  • Provide a forum for constant dialogue and consensus building among stakeholders in the sector on all matters relating to HRD;
  • Provide advice to HRDC on the emerging economic trends and relevant education and training and skills needs of the sectors;
  • Provide advice on appropriate measures to deal with any mismatch between demand and supply of human resource in the sectors;
  • Identify planned major projects that require human resource impact assessment studies and make recommendations for their formulations and execution;
  • Provide a sounding board for the sector to advice the HRDC to discus, review and validate national and sector HRD plans;
  • Ensure a linkage with the strategies of Government by ensuring interaction with Economic Diversification Drive (EDD), hubs and others;
  • Ensure linkages with other sectors to deal with cross sector occupations and skills that fall outside the scope of a specific sector and which needs to be incorporated in the National Human Resource Plan;
  • Embed a commitment from employers within the sector to invest in the training of their employees and in the development of education and training; to provide internships and to advice on the optimal use of the Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) and the Human Resource Development Fund.