The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) recently conducted Capacity Building workshops targeting Workplaces/Levy Payers and Small and Medium and Micro Enterprises owned by Youth in Botswana. The workshops were held in the following areas; Jwaneng and Palapye on the 8th August 2022, Ghanzi and Francistown on the 9th August 2022 and Maun and Kasane on the 11th August 2022.

The workshops were facilitated by the Non-Credit Bearing Short Courses (NCBSC) Unit, Department of Funding, Student Welfare and Support and Workplace Learning. The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture invited the Youth in the respective areas.

Presenting the welcome remarks at the Francistown workshop, Manager Workplace Learning, Ms Doreen Kokorwe elaborated that the Department of Human Resource Development Planning (HRDP)-Supply is tasked with supporting and coordinating skills training, learning and development in workplaces that contribute words the Human Resource Development (HRD) Fund. The Unit further facilitates workplaces to develop work skills training plans in an effort to direct learning and development in line with industry skills needs.

Participants were also educated on the following; the purpose of the HRD Fund and its utilisation, the concept of work skills Training Plans and Product Related Training, Development of Work Skills Training Plans, Pre-approvals and reimbursement claims, Non – Credit Bearing Short Courses (NCBSC’s) as well as other issues the workplaces/levy payers wanted clarity on.

At the Ghanzi workshop Acting Manager – Non - Credit Bearing Short Courses (NCBSC) Mr Modiri Mogopa gave a background on the transfer of the function from Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) to HRDC, the process of submission of courses for recognition, procedures of compliance, assessment and vetting as well as challenges and successes relating to the process of approving NCBSC.

In conclusion, the workshop participants appreciated the presentations as well as the fruitful discussions that have contributed to their knowledge about HRDC.  They also indicated they look forward to future engagements.

News Date: 
Monday, August 8, 2022