The National Human Resource Development Strategy (NHRDS) approved by Cabinet in January 2009 recommended a rationalisation strategy geared towards eliminating the overlapping mandates and duplication of services between the then Tertiary Education Council (T.E.C.) and the then Botswana Training Authority (BOTA). The NHRDS did put in place a holistic and integrated institutional framework comprising two new statutory bodies namely; the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).

The realisation of the NHRDS will guarantee the delivery of a range of national, societal, government, private sector, civil society and institutional reforms that are yet to prove that they are necessary to guarantee Botswana’s future status as a ‘winning nation’. Furthermore, NHRDS is a key contributor to ensuring that Botswana is a ‘nation at work’ with its people employed in high-skill-high-value jobs.

The key overarching goal of the NHRDS is to optimise the efficacy and outcomes of the HRD to drive Botswana’s development agenda. The desired outcomes of the Strategy are economic diversification and societal transformation.