In the 21st century, one can no longer dispute the fact that digital technology has irreversibly transformed the way we communicate and do business in our modern era, unless an organisation has been operating under a dark cloud of ignorance. Nowadays, the majority of workplaces rely on digital marketing platforms to advance their mandates on a day – to – day basis. It is through digital marketing platforms that we have seen our valued stakeholders being able to engage with HRDC, therefore receive instant feedback from stakeholders, customers and clients. Clearly digital marketing platforms have immense benefits for Botswana HRDC. One may wonder, what are these digital marketing platforms that are hailed for their effectiveness and efficiency. These are primarily social media platforms being Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

It is on the basis of the aforementioned that Botswana HRDC has taken advantage of these platforms as a means to drive marketing communications objectives since a growing number of stakeholders, customers and clients as they rely on the use of technology. Botswana HRDC has decided to continue using the platforms because they are more interactive, centralised, more engaging and less hierarchical as customers and clients are able to receive instant feedback on matters they enquire on. Over and above, Botswana HRDC saw it fit to continue using digital marketing platforms because they are agile, efficient, and convenient. A stakeholder or customer can have a conversation in real - time from anywhere in the world without having to leave the comfort of their space.

In fact, most modern marketing initiatives can be viewed as digital communication. Social media campaigns and video ads are simply a way for companies to mass communicate with potential customers in a way that is rapid and cost-effective. Clearly, all the majority businesses that use digital marketing platforms have hailed it as safe owing to the fact that digitisation has vastly improved the security features and the way we operate at Botswana HRDC, which is a service- oriented organisation. Further, the platforms are easy to use, reliable, accessible and cost-effective way of communicating and marketing products and services online.

Going by the adage that says, not everything that glitters is gold, digital marketing platforms have disadvantages that have tended to compromise the reputation of organisations, as such, it is imperative for IT departments to further invest in IT solutions that can curb brand or image threatening acts. In the case of HRDC we have been able to promote some of our strategic initiatives such as Jobseekers and Employers Database, the Botswana Labour Market Information System (LMIS), HRDF Claims, Botswana Human Resource Development Skills (BHRDS) Fair and Career Clinics, Work Skills Training Plans, Research Grants and many others.


News Date: 
Monday, October 4, 2021